20 Best Deep Cycle/Leisure Battery Chargers Review – 2021 [Easy to Use, Reliable]

Deep Cycle Battery Charger or Leisure/Marine battery charger is a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment capable of properly and safely charging leisure batteries. It is substantially different from an auto battery charger, or trickle charger. Cheap trickle chargers can damage your battery by overcharging and boiling off the electrolyte. There is also the danger of explosion caused by excessive gassing off of hydrogen.

Best Leisure Battery UK

If you’ve ever been on a family vacation in an RV, then the battery situation should be no stranger to you. One powers your engine and one provides power throughout the entire vehicle. One of these batteries generally powers your motor while another is used for everything else including appliances like lights or television sets. This battery also ensures that when somebody opens up their fridge door they won’t have spoiled food waiting inside because it was unplugged from its electrical source!

The best leisure battery charger can be a lifesaver for people who enjoy the great outdoors! Not only will these products prevent you from getting stuck in an inconvenient place, but they are also designed to help with your vehicle’s maintenance. In fact, most of them even come equipped with special features that allow users to monitor their batteries before problems occur.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just going on holiday, getting your battery charged up is essential. There are so many different types out there that it can be difficult to know which one will suit you best – and this article aims to fix that!

If the thought of finding some new battery charger for your car, boat, etc makes you want to scream in frustration then read ahead because this post will highlight some of what we believe are the best leisure batteries at varying price points so that you can find exactly what suits your budget!

The following are top 20 best leisure battery chargers in the UK, lets take a closer look

1. Noco Store Genius5UK Auto Temperature Charger

As one of the best leisure battery charger, this one is often compared to the G3500UK because of the similar features. However, this battery is claimed to be better because it is smaller and yet more powerful. Not to mention that it comes with so many promising features, such as:

  • Multifunctional use. This battery acts as a battery charger as well as a maintainer. It is also a battery desulfator and also a trickle charger.
  • It is designed for many usages. The charger is designed for batteries with 12V and also 6V capacity, whether they are deep-cycle types, marine, or auto. You can expect this charger to be used for li-ion batteries with a maintenance-free mechanism.
  • Precise charging. The charger has its own integrated (thermal) sensor that detects the ambient temperature. It can change the charge to prevent over-charging.
  • Compatible with different kinds of vehicles. The charger can be used for vehicles, such as campervans, caravans, motorbikes, motorcycles, SUVs, classic rides, leisure vehicles, and so much more.


2. Noco Store Genius10UK Charger Automatic

This is also often compared to the G7200UK type. But again, this leisure battery charger is said to be better, more reliable, and more efficient in operation. The charger is smaller but it is stronger and it is able to deliver more power. Not to mention that it is one device for different actions and functions, such as battery desulfator, battery maintainer, charger, and also trickle charger. Other features to like about the charger are:

  • It is a versatile charger. It can be used for all kinds of vehicles, including campervans, caravans, motorbikes, SUVs, leisure vehicles, lawnmowers, and so much more.
  • It can be used to charge dead batteries – the ones that are low to 1V. You can even make use of the Force Mode to charge dead batteries up to 0V.
  • Battery restoration. Use this device to restore the battery, promoting auto battery sulfation detection as well as acid stratification to restore the lost performance.


3. Buddygo Auto Maintainer Charger

This is a charger that can be used for various purposes. It is designed as flexible and versatile stuff for various different usages. Not only it can diagnose and fix different battery issues, but it can also be used to deal with various battery powers. Other features to love about this battery are:

  • It has multiple protections. It has its own (built-in) protection guards that can be beneficial against sparks, over-current, reverse polarity, open circuits, overheating, overcharging, and short circuits.
  • Good battery maintainer feature. The charger has a constant voltage charger that can be useful for battery’s maintenance. Moreover, it has its own overcharging protection that allows maximum charge without overcharging worry.
  • Easy operation and usage. The machine is simple and easy to connect. You won’t be confused with the negative or positive sides because everything has been clearly written and laid out.
  • Smart display. The charger is packed with an Intelligent Digital Display that will provide information about the charger voltage, the current, the charging status, and such things alike.


4. Photonic Universe Auto Intelligent Charger

If you have a leisure battery, you want to choose the right leisure battery charger to do the job properly. This device will make sure that your battery is correctly and properly taken care of, so it will be long-lasting. Other features to love about this device are:

  • It is powerful. It is able to charge one battery with 12V capacity or it can charge several (12V) batteries in parallel connection.
  • Handy LCD display screen. The screen can display important info related to the charging process, such as charging stages, current, voltage, etc).
  • Safe protection and charging. Because the battery is designed for a secure and safe charging process (especially when unattended), you won’t have to worry about your charging process. You can leave the charger unattended without worry.
  • Multiple functions. The charger has its own auto temperature compensation, continuous charge, in-built safety protection, dead battery recovery, battery regeneration, and others.


5. BUDDYGO Battery Charger, 12V/24V 8Amp

The device isn’t only good for charging, but for other functionalities. It is both a battery charger as well a maintainer. In general, you are free to make use of the repair function that can extend the battery life as well as repairing the battery loss. Moreover, there are other features to expect from this device, such as:

  • Better multiple protections. The circuit protection will protect you from overcharging, short circuits, overheating, sparks, reverse polarity, over-current, and open circuits.
  • Versatile applications. The charger has a 3-stages mechanism that is just perfect for all kinds of battery types, such as gel, wet, calcium, and AGM. The charger can also restore sulphated or drained batteries for SUV, motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower, car, boat, and so much more.
  • 12V and 24V batteries. This charger can be handy for both 12V and 24V batteries. It has various voltage support as well as auto charging current adjustment.


6. Numax ‘Connect & Forget’ 12V 10A Battery Charger

If you are looking for a reliable charger that can be used for all kinds of batteries, this leisure battery charger will do you good. The charger is for battery maintenance and charge, constructed in an all-in-one 12V charging feature. The other features include:

  • Various charging modes. If you have this charger, you can make use of the ‘Long Term Battery Maintenance’, the ‘Fast Cycle Charge’, and ‘Deep Discharge Recovery’.
  • Handy connections. It supports various connections, including crocodile clips and eyelets
  • Various usages and benefits. The charger can be used for charging, recovering, and maintaining caravan, marine craft, commercial batteries, garden machinery, motorhome, mobility, and commercial batteries
  • Fast operation and running. With a fast cycle charge, you can expect the device to deliver fast result without compromising the performance of the battery. In short, the charger will provide power right away without shortening the life-span of the battery itself.


7. Maypole 7423A Battery Charger Auto

This isn’t your regular leisure battery charger because it is a ‘smart’ device. As a quality product from Maypole, this charger is able to deliver promising result and impressive quality. It is constructed as a 12V 4A 6 smart electronic charger to help you maintain long-lasting battery performance without compromising quality. The included features are:

  • Automatic and convenient charger. The device is designed as a dual voltage charger with smart automatic technology. It is designed for various uses of vehicles, even those with 2500cc of power and capacity.
  • Suitable for various applications. It is a completely functional device that is just perfect for motorhomes, caravans, vans, cars, and motorbikes.
  • Informative and functional display screen. The LCD screen is handy to display crucial information, such as slow or fast charge, battery level, faulty battery, faulty connection, reverse polarity, or such thing alike.
  • Easy operation. With this feature, there is no fuss or complicated operation that can affect the quality and performance of the device.


8. Aibeau Car Battery Charger, 12A 12V/24V Auto

The battery charger is designed for wide and various applications. In general, it is designed for all kinds of lead-acid 12V and 24V batteries. Moreover, you can use this charger for different kinds of battery types, such as AGM, lithium, and others. You can also use it for lawn and garden, marine, kids’ toys, RV, motorcycle, or auto. The handy features are:

  • Smart LCD digital display. The charger has its own in-built technology. It is able to detect outside temperature automatically, as well as showing the voltage, power, and current quite easily.
  • Convenient design. With handy construction and design, you should be able to operate the charger quite easily. Everything is constructed conveniently for comfortable use, such as red power (terminal) for positive battery and such thing alike.
  • Auto monitoring technology. The charger has an auto 12V or 24V detection as well as auto charging process monitoring.
  • Simple connection and operation. With clear negative and positive elements, it is easy to connect and operate the charger.


9. Dandelionsky Battery Charger and Maintainer

The charger offers fast charging time, thanks to the powerful 240V capacity and rated output of up to 24V. If you want to have a powerful and yet reliable device to help with your charging needs, then this leisure battery charger will give you the best benefits with very easy operation. Other supporting features about the charger are:

  • Multi protections for safety features. The charger is packed with various high-quality safety controls and technologies, including overload protection, IP65 waterproof, ABS technology, and other features.
  • High efficiency and technology. The charger can be used to solve various power issues, such as power acceleration, power, and internal resistance issues. It has the technology to repair pulsed low and high frequency.
  • Smart LED digital display. This device is able to detect outside temperature automatically, including adjusting itself to summer or winter modes automatically.
  • Easy operation, set up, and connection. The charger is designed to help users with their various operations and activities. That’s why it is so easy to operate and use.


10. CTEK MXS50 Charger

As one of the best leisure battery charger made available on the market, this device comes with tons of beneficial features. Not only it is fully automatic, but it is also easy to connect. It promotes simple connection with straightforward usage. It is spark-free and is designed to be protected from reverse polarity. Other features to expect from the charger are:

  • Flexible operation. It is compatible with various kinds of vehicle batteries for easy usage.
  • Effective usage. The charger can be used to recondition flat batteries and restore battery life.
  • Good maintenance feature. You won’t have to worry about fussy-operation and yet it is able to last for long time. It is ideal for long term care and free maintenance ability.
  • Reliable and tough construction. The charger has been created and designed for outdoor usage, and you can use it for any temperature.


11. Trounistro 12V 5A Fully Automatic Maintainer Charger

The leisure battery charger is useful for various usages, including all kinds of vehicles and batteries. Whether you want to power up lawnmowers, motorcycles, or cars, rest assured that this device should be able to deliver promising performance. Other features to love are:

  • Multiple protection systems. It has circuit (protection) guards that would prevent open circuits, overheating, short circuits, overcharging, sparks, and reverse polarity.
  • Simple operation. Not only it is easy to use, but you won’t be dealing with a fussy operation.
  • Good energy save. The Energy Save system has an LED indicator for effective usage and a handy display.
  • Built-in circuit protection guards. No need to worry about reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short circuits, and overheating.
  • Dangerous situation can be avoided. ideal for carefree long-term maintenance charging.


12. HTRC Car Battery Charger 12V/24V 10Amp 7 Stages

The charger is designed for various applications. With 24V 5Amp specs, this 7-stage charger is perfect for all kinds of batteries, including AGM, gel, wet, and Calcium. You can also use it to charge motorcycles, trucks, or cars conveniently. Other features are:

  • It has a smart digital display. It can show crucial information, such as battery status, charging status, voltage, and many other things.
  • Multiple functions. The charger has 7-stage charging, from fast to the top and then to trickle charge.
  • Smart protection. The charger has its own in-built system that can protect you from overcurrent, short circuits, overheating, and reverse polarity.
  • With 7 stages of charging to ensure that your vehicle battery stays in good condition. It can also be used to jump-start a dead battery and it’s easy to operate with an LCD display.


13. Directtyteam Battery Charger Lntelligent

The charger also offers ease and convenience to use without compromising the technologies, the quality features, and the handy systems. Moreover, it is packed with various technologies and features that make operation easy and convenient, such as:

  • Multiple protection. You won’t have to worry about reverse polarity, short circuit, or overvoltage with this charger. It has its own in-built safety features that will protect you against all of those issues.
  • Smart digital display. The ‘smart’ display screen has its own auto technology that will show you the crucial information about the charging process.
  • Power and voltage detection. You can detect the remaining voltage or power without having to connect to the power supply. The smart technology will show off the remaining (battery) voltage.
  • Automatic data display carousel that can display clearly about current voltage power
  • This battery charger can not only charge the lithium battery but also can be used for a 12-24V lead-acid battery. The diagnostic function of this product will help diagnose and repair the damaged car batteries.
  • It has a wide range of industrial applicability, suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other niches, with high efficiency in dealing with damaged batteries from vehicles as well as extending their life to ensure them to keep working properly


14. Directtyteam Battery Charger, Enhanced Edition 8A

This smart 12V 24V battery charger can be used to charge and maintain the batteries of most types of cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers or any leisure battery. In addition, it has a built-in automatic intelligence chip that monitors the charging process with precision but also offers many protections to ensure the battery is always protected from being overload or overcharged. The features are:

  • Sophisticated and high-end technologies. The charger has a polarity and diagnostic analysis test that will ‘test’ out the condition of the battery before charging.
  • Multifunction device. Not only this charger is good to charge batteries, but it is also great to repair already damaged batteries, as well as removing sulfuric acid crystals that grow on the lead plates.
  • Bulk charging mode. The portable charger would power up the battery within a stable and constant current, which will safeguard the performance of the battery.
  • 8-kinds of charging protections. With this protection feature, expect to withstand different mechanism and operation.
  • AI smart chip, the latest upgraded touch button for multiple protection.


15. 1 One Netbook Coldspot Auto Charger

The ColdSpot 12V/6A 24V/3A is an advanced smart battery charger that can be used to charge and maintain all types of lead-acid batteries. It has a built-in microprocessor that allows it to identify the type of battery connected and automatically set the correct charging mode. The ColdSpot will also monitor the progress of your charging cycle and turn itself off. It also offers versatile operation that can be used for different usages. The handy features include:

  • Auto charging. The charger has automatic technology that can monitor the entire charging process because it has its own microprocessor system within it.
  • Safe charging feature. The charger comes with its own safety technologies that would protect against corrosion resistance, electric shock, fireproof, and others. The circuit protection guards would also prevent over current, short circuits, overheating, open circuits, and sparks.
  • Top quality. The charger has an efficient and durable design with impressive outcome and performance.
  • Effective reparation mode. It has auto acid stratification and sulfating detection. It can support active charging as well as repairing ability.


16. CQWL Intelligent Auto Charger

The CQWL Car Battery Charger is a 12V 24v 3-stage automatic trickle battery charger for all types of batteries. This intelligent car battery charger features an LED digital display and fast charging mode to charge your batteries faster than ever before! This is a handy (and basically a multifunctional) leisure battery charger that can help you in every aspect of your life. It also comes with various functional features that will support your everyday needs, such as:

  • Multiple protective features. The charger has built-in protection that can prevent overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, open circuit, spark, and reverse polarity. This feature is handy to avoid a harmful and dangerous situation. And yet it is suitable for long-term carefree care and maintenance.
  • Fast charge. The charger is able to accommodate fast charging needs. It has it’s own auto charging current adjustments that would be ideal for all kinds of voltage environment, including the harsh ones.
  • Battery maintainer. Not only the device acts as a charger, but it also acts as a battery maintainer. It has a pulse repair function that is handy for lost battery’s repair while extending the life to a longer time.
  • Handy LED digital display. The display screen will show you the crucial information, even when you don’t connect the battery to any power supply. But when you connect it, the display screen will show internal temperature, current temperature, and such thing alike.


17. Maypole MP7428 Electronic Battery Charger

If you want a good, reliable, and stable charger to help you in every activity of your life, then this device would be your new best friend. This is a reliable and powerful electronic battery charger. It has an 8A 12V output that makes it perfect for charging many types of batteries for vehicles, including cars with up to 5L capacity!

This automatic smart charger features a fully-automated 9 stage cycle that automatically detects the voltage condition before diagnosing, charging and reconditioning your battery. The LED screen on this device displays all necessary information (battery voltage; charging current; % of full battery capacity). Other features to like about this leisure battery charger, such as:

  • Easy operation and use. The charger is super simple with straightforward operation. You only need to connect it to a battery and the diagnosis will come out immediately.
  • Straightforward outcome. With this charger, expect the impressive results and straightforward implementation. Once you connect this charger to a device or battery, your battery will fill out fast in no time.
  • Inexpensive price tag. When compared to other chargers, this charger is relatively cheaper. And yet you won’t have to worry about the performance and quality of operation.
  • Immediate connection. When you connect the charger with any device, expect it to charge right away and the result would be impressive.


18. Ring RCB208 12v 8A Battery Charger

When you want to charge up devices without compromising quality and you expect the device to run fast (and efficiently), then this leisure battery charger will give you tons of benefits to the highest level. Not only it is solid and powerful, but it is easy and fuss-free.

This 8A automatic battery charger is perfect for any 12V vehicles. The unit automatically switches to a lower voltage mode after the lead-acid or gel batteries have become fully charged – but if you’re not sure which way your vehicle charges, don’t worry! LEDs on this device will show when it’s on and when the charge has been completed so that there are no second thoughts about whether you’ve done everything right!

Other great features about the charger are:

  • Safety features. This charger has nice and solid safety features. For instance, it will prevent over-charging because it has its own auto switch-off when the battery level is already full.
  • Flexible use and operation. The charger has a versatile feature that allows you to manage (and handle) the charging process the way you like it. Whether you want to set it to a maximum level or the standard one, then you should be able to manage it the way you like it.
  • Compact and nice design. The unit comes in such a compact design and good construction. This product is easy to use and carry wherever you go.. But make sure that you pay attention to the proper instruction of usage so you can minimize mistakes and maximize uses and benefits.


19. SMALIFE Auto Maintainer Charger

Not all chargers are designed to be multifunctional or for various uses. But this battery charger is designed and created not only as a charger but also as a maintainer. Aside from the fact that it offers fast charging time, it is also packed with all the good features, such as:

  • Multiple protections. The charger has built-in protection guards that can prevent over current, overheating, overcharging, sparks, and reverse polarity. Not only it is great for long-term free maintenance, but it is also supportive for safe operation.
  • Smart digital display. The charger comes with an intelligent LED display that would show information about the charging process, including the charging current, charging voltage, battery status, and also charging status. It will stop charging automatically once it is full.
  • Various usages. The charger can be used for all kinds of batteries as well as vehicles. It is functional for lawnmowers, motorcycles, cars, and ATVs.


20. MOTOPOWER MP00205A-UK 12V 800mA

The battery has a nice warranty that lasts for 2 years. Not to mention that it comes with energy-saving technology that will help you save up power without compromising the output quality of the charger. It does not need any manual operation; just plug the battery in and let it do its thing! The microprocessor-controlled program automatically monitors your MOTO POWER to prevent overcharge, short circuit and reverse polarity–no worries about damage from these issues happening. Moreover, there are other features to love about the charger:

  • Convenient design and lightweight size. The charger has a durable, smart, and compact design. You should be able to charge lead-acid batteries (the 12V type), gel or AGM cell, or even the flooded batteries.
  • Smart charger. The charger is handy for all kinds of vehicles and objects, including toys, lawn and garden tools, Powersports devices, marine, automotive, RV, and motorcycle.
  • Multi-level battery rescue and safety protection. The charger has its own controlled microprocessor program. This technology will prevent you from reverse polarity, short circuit, and overcharge. It also comes with advanced technology for spark-free, improving the safety of the charger.
  • Full auto operation. The leisure battery charger doesn’t have any manual procedure or operation so it removes all the hassle.


Leisure Battery Charger Buying Guide

Type of Leisure Battery Charger

Every portable battery charger has pros and cons. For example, unregulated voltage chargers are the cheapest of all options but they also may overcharge your device’s batteries without an automatic cut-off feature to keep it from happening.

The next type would be a semi-automated one that will automatically power off once the set voltage is reached; however, this option can’t regulate voltage either so you’ll always have to watch out for overheating or undercharging issues with these types especially if used in extreme environments like hot cars during summer months as well as cold garages during winter seasons.

Finally, there are fully automated chargers that take care of cutting off when necessary while regulating output voltages – meaning low temperatures won’t affect them!

Choosing the right charger for your leisure battery is key to avoiding any future issues. It’s safest and most economical to purchase a fully automated model that can be plugged in without damaging the battery or electrical system of your caravan or motorhome. This kind of charger can connect directly to your caravan battery without any risk or damage which makes it very convenient and safe for all users! The fully automatic chargers also work with different temperatures from colder seasons (low voltage) during winter months towards warmer ones where they still provide high-quality power so that there isn’t any damage caused from over-charging.

Battery Compatibility

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining the battery in your caravan or motorhome. It’s important to ensure you have compatible batteries and chargers so everything will be up-to-date with both safety features as well as performance capabilities. If you are unsure about compatibility, always check on what type it can handle before purchase!

Leisure Battery Charging Modes

Bulk Charging.

At this stage, the battery will be fully or partially discharged. The charger supplies a constant current to the battery resulting in an increasing voltage across the battery terminals as the battery internal charge capacity is restored. The voltage will typically rise to between 14.2V and 15.0V. When it reaches this voltage level the battery will be approximately 80% charged, and ready to move to the Absorption charge mode.

Absorption charging.

During this stage, the charger will bring the battery to over 95% of its charge capacity. The charging voltage is held constant and the charging current drawn will decrease as the battery becomes more charged. The length of time that the charger remains in this mode is either determined by a timer or by the charger senses that the current has dropped to a certain level (typically around 100mA). If using a timer this stage can be expected to last around 8 to 9 hours.

Equalization Charging (Optional)

This mode of charging is only required if specified by the battery manufacturer and is usually not incorporated into the charging cycle. Equalization can speed up the final 5% of the battery charging process. The current is held constant and the voltage is increased.

Float Charging (Optional)

Again, an optional charging mode to maintain the battery charge at close to 100% for an extended period. In this mode all the charger is attempting is to replace the charge lost naturally through the battery’s internal resistance. The voltage is held constant at around 0.3V above the no-load, fully charged battery voltage.