Caravan Batteries: How Do They Work?

Caravan batteries, also known as leisure batteries, are essential to the working of any caravan. In order to power your caravan effectively, you’ll need a reliable caravan battery to make your caravan feel just like home. It’s important to know the difference between a leisure battery and a car battery as although they might look the same, they perform a very different function.

How Caravan Batteries Work ??

Car batteries are designed to supply a high current over a short period of time in order to start the engine. Although this drains the battery very quickly, the charge is soon replaced by the car’s alternator. Caravan batteries can supply a low current over a long period of time in order to supply power to all your caravan’s necessities such as the water pump, internal lights and appliances such as television sets.

Car batteries and caravan batteries both normally have six cells containing sulphuric acid and distilled water contained in a secure casing. Each of these cells contains lead plates that expand and contract during recharging and discharging and in doing so, they lose their power. A separator between the lead plates helps stop this.

However, in a car battery, the way that the separator is designed and the material it is made for makes it unsuitable for long periods of low voltage use that you’ll need in your caravan. In caravan batteries though, the separators are much thicker, making them suitable for powering appliances and internal features of your caravan.

Which Leisure Batteries For Caravans Are Most Appropriate?

In order to power all the things that make your caravan feel like home, you’ll need a reliable and functional caravan battery in order to enjoy your time spent caravanning. We understand the importance of all the electrical features that you have in your caravan, which is why we only review the best caravan batteries on the market. These batteries are designed to give you hours and hours of reliable energy for all of your caravan’s appliances and features.

Caravan Batteries From Leisure Batteries UK

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