SuperBatt Deep Cycle Leisure Marine Battery DT120 Review – For Motorhome, Caravan, Campervan & More

This leisure battery is designed in such a way to boost comfort and performance – ensuring high-quality usage and handy operation. This type of battery is often used by those who like to spend their extra time on the road – enjoying their own type of adventure.

Considering that we live in the modern era, even we can manage a camping trip in such a modern way – which means that you can use a caravan filled with electric appliances and utensils. With the battery as the power source, now you can enjoy your camping trip in such a convenient way, making sure that you won’t miss a thing even when you are on the camping site.

About SuperBatt Leisure Battery

The battery comes with quite a nice and handy dimension and construction. With an overall dimension of 242 x 172 x 330mm (which already include the dual terminals), the battery itself is about functional convenience and usage. Not to mention that it also comes with 12V and 120 Ah of capacity, as well as CCA 800A for improved quality and operation.

Extra Features to Enjoy

· Freedom of the operation. This battery is designed as a dual-purpose device: as an auxiliary and also a starting battery.

· Easy maintenance and care. The battery comes with Advance Calcium Technology which means that you won’t have to worry about fussy (or complicated) care and maintenance.

· Flexible use. The battery is not only great for a campervan or motorhome leisure battery, but you can actually use it for motorboat or others. Basically, this battery is about the flexible operation and use, so feel free to use it for anything that you want: as a solid power source.

· Long lasting use. Many users have positive reviews and feedback, especially concerning the longevity of the battery. Many have stated that the battery can last for quite a long time – in general in 5 years – before they have to replace it.

· Economical purchase. This leisure battery is proof that high-quality stuff doesn’t have to be costly. This battery is affordable (almost to the point of being cheap) and yet it holds an impressive quality and performance. Who says that you ALWAYS have to dig deeper into your wallet to enjoy a premium battery?

· Easy use. It is a no brainer at all, even for those who don’t have any experience operating such a battery. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure things out.

· Functional device. Many users have stated that the battery is completely functional and handy and powerful to power up caravans, campervans, or motorboats just perfectly.

· Well packed battery. You want to choose a device that isn’t only functional but also comes with good packaging. – No need to worry about being damaged during shipping.


Is this the right battery for you? Keep in mind that leisure batteries are available in different technologies and usages – including strength and downsides. Make your own research to ensure whether this leisure battery is the right pick for you – or not.

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