SuperBatt Deep Cycle Leisure Battery 12V 100AH SB S100 Review

This leisure battery from SuperBatt is designed for motorhome and caravan, but feel free to use it for your marine boat too. The idea of having a leisure type of battery is to make sure that you would be ‘powerless’. With caravans or motorhomes, there would be electrical equipment and other utensils. Those utensils are designed to improve your convenience while on the go, but imagine how useless they would be if there is no power source at all.

This is why you should have a leisure battery on your side, especially if you often spend most of your times doing outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy boating or camping so much, having a reliable power source would be crucial. Who says you need to compromise comfort and convenience when you are travelling?

The Specialty of SuperBatt Leisure Battery

You can say that the SuperBatt battery has all the ‘right’ features. It is a 12V battery with 100Ah and lead-acid battery cell composition. The battery is actually designed for boat and marine use, but it also offers flexible and versatile use. You can use it for the motorhome or the caravan, improving your enjoyment while camping or while doing the road trip. Since it is designed for marine usage, the terminal type is marine terminal.

The battery offers S100 voltage with a total dimension of 315 x 175 x 175 mm. It also comes with a dual-purpose mechanism, for both auxiliary and starting. The leisure battery has Advance Calcium technology which enables you to enjoy free maintenance. No need to worry about all the fuss and issue of care and maintenance – there is no such thing with this device.

Features to Love from This Battery

What can you expect from this battery, anyway?

· Inexpensive price range – without compromising quality and performance. When compared to other top leisure batteries, this battery is able to deliver the same power. It offers a similar deep cycle amperage and volt. In short, the performance isn’t disappointing.

· Sturdy construction and solid built. The overall structure and framework of the device is good, including solid (and heavy-duty) handles.

· Impressive power storage. The battery can hold electric current for a long time (users say that it can run for ages!) even though the battery is in storage and not being used.

· Good quality. Many users state that the battery can perform well, hold the power very nicely and securely, and deliver an impressive job in the overall reference.

· Nice dimension and size. The battery is convenient for motorhome, boat, and caravan. Many users claim that they can carry the battery quite easily and fit it conveniently within their vehicles without any issue.

· Easy operation. Using the battery is quite a breeze, without any hassle at all. You should be able to use it without any drama – or even breaking a sweat!


In the end, there are so many leisure batteries types out there. That’s why you need to do your research carefully and well, so you can finally decide whether this would be the ideal leisure battery for you or not.

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