SuperBatt DT120 12V 120AH – Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Battery Review

The leisure battery is designed for a heavy-duty purpose and the battery comes with twin posts (or dual terminal) that will make your activities run smoothly and fun. The leisure battery can be used for marine use as well as land usage. If you often spend many outdoor times or adventure quality, then this battery would be a perfect pick.

Quality SuperBatt Purpose Leisure Battery

This battery has a nice combination with a capacity of 120 Ah and a voltage of 12V that ensures a smooth outcome. The dimension is also convenient with an overall size of 24 x 17 x 33 centimetres (and that already include dual terminals) that makes it just fine for nice placement. No more extra efforts having to find a wide room or extra space just to place the device.

Although you must remove the plugs right away after you get the battery, the device itself is pretty solid and safe. Keep in mind that it is a flooded (lead) acid battery type, which means that you don’t want the plugs to be there for a long time. You can even link this one to another one (provided that you have more than one SuperBatt battery) for a more reliable operation.

SuperBatt DT120 Features

Aside from those positive benefits mentioned before, there are also other great features from this leisure battery as can be seen below;

· Hold charge well. You should be able to expect a good charge hold – which won’t compromise the performance at all. It also comes with good re-charge ability.

· Powerful function. The battery stores tons of power for impressive performance. Many of the users are quite satisfied with the performance of the battery that they finally decide to buy for another vehicle. Some even decide to link both batteries so everything can be managed in such an effective way.

· Convenient operation and improved comfort. When you include the battery into your campervan or caravan, you can run the appliances, interior lights, and even recharge the laptop or phones – and you can do that while you are on a trip. The battery will improve your comfort even when you are on the go.

· Flexible use. Many users have stated that the battery comes with flexible use. You can use it as a leisure battery or as an auxiliary battery. You can also use it for your motorboat.

· Good performance. Many users are impressed with how well the battery can charge – and hold the power for a long period of time afterwards. Just make sure that you understand this type of battery or the mechanism, so you won’t charge it wrong – and you won’t have to deal with damages or issues later on.

· Reliable construction and framework. There is nothing flimsy, lousy, or lame about the battery. Expect solid and sturdy construction that will encourage safe usage only.

· Good Warranty. This battery comes with a 2 years warranty.


In the end, you can choose whatever battery that you like. But be advised that this leisure battery is a worthy investment.

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