The Car Battery Guide: Car Battery Prices

Knowing car battery prices can save you a lot of money if you’re intent on buying and installing a replacement into your car. I’m all for saving a bit of cash but I know that if you don’t have the right knowledge you could actually find yourself making a costly mistake which will warrant you to pay more than you would have had to in the first place. With this in mind, I have created this car battery guide; everything is covered here from how to find cheap car batteries and which ones to choose.

Variables to consider

Before I rush into the cold hard facts you should be aware of what determines the cost of car batteries. Some of you might have shopped around already and been slight baffles by the fact that some used car batteries are actually more expensive than brand new ones. The reason for this is because the size, cold cranking amps and the guarantee of the product are what really determines its worth.

Car Battery Prices

Car battery prices vary from between $40 and $100 depending on the brand you purchase. The cheaper end of the spectrum will usually be taken up by group size 24 and 65 units. If you paid $50 for a new battery you’d expect it to have at least a 2-year warranty, you could get an even better deal if you really shopped around for it.

Additional Costs

Buyers should note that not everything you will need is always included in the initial cost of the car battery. There are many different areas in the US that actually demand that the battery being replaced is actually disposed of properly so that the materials within it can be gathered and recycled. This fee is collected by the buyer which means that you should expect to pay another 10%-20% on top of the asking price of the new battery.

How to choose a car battery

Now we’ve discussed prices we need to look into what to look for in our new car battery. Generally speaking, there are five things we need to focus on in order to choose the right unit for our needs; the size of the battery, reserve capacity and the CCA or cold cranking amps as they are sometimes referred to. The following video will describe how these features determine our choice.

If you’re thinking of ordering a car battery you may check out the Auto Zone website, this site is really helpful and incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is type in the age, make, model and engine of your vehicle and they will show you several different products that will meet your specifications. Once you’ve identified what you need you can have the item shipped straight to your door, this is an awesome service and takes all the thinking out of actually selecting the battery. What’s great is that if you don’t agree with their car battery prices you can always search the product they have recommended to you and try and find it cheaper elsewhere.

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