What Are the Best Marine Batteries??

Installing the right boat battery on your vessel is essential for enjoying the open sea and getting the most out of your boat. What kind of vessel you have will very much dictate the type of battery you’ll need onboard. If you only have a small boat or dingy with an outboard motor then it’s likely that you’ll only need the use of a starter battery for starting the boat’s engine. However, larger boats such as yachts and fishing vessels have much bigger energy needs and will often require the use of a boat battery, otherwise known as a leisure battery.

Marine Batteries: How Do They Work?

Leisure batteries perform a very different function than starter batteries and are essential to powering your onboard electrical equipment. Everything on your boat from the television set, digital radio, electrical navigation equipment and fish finders will all source their power from the onboard leisure battery. Because the leisure battery performs a different function from the starting battery it is designed in a very different way.

Starter batteries for both large and small vessels are designed to supply a short, high voltage charge to start the engine. Leisure batteries on the other hand are designed for deep cycle use, meaning that they are used to supply low voltage energy over a long period to onboard equipment. Depending on the size and type of your boat this could be used for many different appliances, everything from running the onboard digital clock, below deck lighting to cross water navigation systems will all depend on the onboard deep cycle boat battery.

Which Marine Battery is the Best and Which Battery Do I Need?

We understand that getting the right boat battery for your vessel is essential for enjoying your boat out on the water. This is why here at BestLeisureBattery.co.uk we only provide the best deep cycle batteries on the market. For Marine, we recommend you to check the Yuasa Leisure L36100 and the SuperBatt LM110. These batteries are perfect for all your boating needs and powering onboard appliances. Read more information on the best leisure batteries for marine, motorhome, campervan, etc at the homepage of this website.

If you have any questions about our range of Diamond Leisure Batteries then please contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have about our range of deep cycle leisure batteries.

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