Yuasa L36-100 12V 100Ah 900A Review – Leisure Battery for Your Outdoor Adventure

This is a leisure battery that you can take with you for your outdoor adventure. Whether you decide to have a road trip with your caravan or motorhome, or you want to go on a boating trip, the battery can be your next best friend. As a leisure battery, there are several promising features that you will love from this device – and rest assured that you will only enjoy the greatest experience only.

About Yuasa L36-100 Leisure Battery

This battery is from Yuasa, which has been known for its quality products. With 12V, 900A, and 100Ah, you can expect only the best from this device. The battery is robust and powerful. With a dimension of 35.3 x 17.5 x 19 centimeters and a total weight of 22.5 kilograms, it is pretty convenient to use.

As a leisure battery, it means that the battery is easier to use or even charged. For a starter, it has been optimized for repeated discharging and charging. It also provides supplied charged and ready to use. It should be easy to fit in any situation or placement. The battery is said to be solid enough for 160 cycles and 1380 watts of hours. And the enhanced safety technologies are included, to improve safe and convenient use. It includes an integrated carry handle as well as a flame arrestor.

The Handy Features

  • Flexible and free operation. The leisure battery would be your best friend for your trip as it will provide the main power and energy whenever you go. Modern vehicles for leisure are designed with more electrical appliances and technology. It is a good thing but you also need to consider the main power source.
  • Reliable power flow. The battery provides steady and reliable current flow within a prolonged period of time, as long as you recharge it even when you don’t use it.
  • 160 Cyclic life. You need to consider this factor – it is related to how many times the device can be discharged (to around 50%) before it is recharged fully. Basically, the higher this feature is, the more it can do.
  • 100 Ah capacity. It is related to how much power the battery can supply for the equipment. The higher the Ah rating, the longer it is able to operate.
  • Convenient battery size. The main issue about battery leisure is where you are going to place it. It’s a good thing that battery leisure has the right size. Considering that space would be limited within the boat or caravan, having something that actually fits is a nice feature to consider.
  • Good 120-watt hour. This is related to the power supplied by the battery when it is charged fully. It’s a good thing that this Yuasa’s battery has a long watt-hour.

Final Words

You need to remember that all battery leisure designs are different. Each brand comes with its own specification and performance. Yuasa is definitely different from other brands; that’s why you need to. make sure whether it is the right one for you – or not. Keep in mind that the Yuasa leisure battery is designed in such a unique way to support your activity and use.

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